Meredith Cummings 
Taylor Armer


Alex Hauser

Director's Note 

The Multicultural Journalism Workshop at The University of Alabama is one of the oldest programs of its kind in the country. In its 33rd year, this newspaper is often a time capsule of what is happening in Tuscaloosa, Alabama (and around the country) at the time and this year is no exception.


Each year, the Department of Journalism at The University of Alabama has the pleasure of welcoming high school journalism students to our beautiful campus. Students apply to be part of the Multicultural Journalism Workshop and live at the University for 10 days. High schoolers enter our program with varying degrees of skills. Some have years of experience with their own school media, while others have never picked up a camera or written a news story.


Students from five states came to Tuscaloosa and fanned out around the city to report on current issues.


Every MJW Class is different and this year’s class decided to tackle what they called unspoken barriers. You will see that thread running through many of the stories in these pages.


We are so proud of what these students have accomplished in the short time they were here. Please enjoy these stories.